Since the launch of the original d20 Living Arcanis campaign, thousands of players answered the challenge to leave their mark upon the. Living Arcanis 5E HP The Invasion of Tultipet – This adventure is written using the 5th Edition Ruleset. Living Arcanis 5E Season 2 The. Living Arcanis 5E HP Into the Blessed Lands – This adventure is written using the 5th Edition Ruleset. Living Arcanis 5E Season 2 The.

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It is also the name of the fictional world where the setting takes place. The setting was launched in and is known for its odd twists on the fantasy genre, as well as arcwnis wide member approval and community-based design and construction.

Living Arcanis 5E Organized Play Campaign is now LIVE!

Unlike many other fantasy roleplaying games, which focus primarily on tactical combat, the Arcanis campaigns focus on moral ambiguity and politics. While originally launched as a d20srd title, Arcanis was relaunched in with a unique rules set as detailed in Paradigm Concepts.

This system uses a similar initiative system to Feng Shui ; a progressive clock system of initiative, with each action taking a specific number of ‘ticks’ of a clock rather than simply having everyone go in a predetermined arvanis. Arcanis is set on the continent of Onara, where a crumbling Coryani Empire reminiscent of the Western Roman Empire struggles with newly created nations such as Milandir reminiscent of the Holy Roman Empire or Canceri reminiscent of Russia during the Middle Ages and the Balkans.

There are seven primary races: Dark-kin infernally taintedDwarves cursed AarcanisElorii basically Elves, but with some significant differences livint, Gnomes offspring of a human and a dwarfHumans including the elementally attuned Kio and UndirSs’ressen Lizard-folkand Val touched by the gods with different bloodlines depending on which God was their progenitor.

Dark-kin are those born with demonic traits. They are usually born from human parents who carry recessive demonic traits. Because of their bloodlines, Dark-kin tend to be marginalized in society. Dark-kin are the results of a period of Onara’s history called the Time of Terror, when Demons, Devils, and other Infernals were released from the Hells by the powerful magics of the Myrantian Empire. Giants were assigned the task of protecting mankind. When they began to lord over man, the arcanix of the gods, Illiir cursed the giants, diminishing them into dwarves.

Later, Sarish, the grandson of Illiir and the God of Contracts came to the Dwarves and told them that should they craft the perfect item, their curse would be lifted. The Dwarves are divided into different groups, called Enclaves.

Unlike other humanoids on Onara, dwarves are barred from the afterlife due to their curse. To preserve their souls, each Dwarf carries with livingg a gem, known as Soul Stone to which their soul is trapped following their death, to be released when the Curse has been lifted. Elves in Arcanis are called Elorii. Made of the traditional Greek elements: FireWaterAirand Eartharcaniw Elorii are immortal. Elorii are divided into different subraces based on their elemental ancestry, adding another subrace known as the Life Elorii, or Ardekenes.

The Elorii were created by four very powerful elementals in conjunction with a lviing spirit” called Belisarda, who imbued elemental energies and life force into bioconstructed orc-like arcansi known as a Gar.

Because of this, Elorii do not look like traditional Elveshaving distinct fangs as well as other minor differences. These elemental spirits were worshipped by the Elorii as gods; they despise humanity because four of the human gods “absorbed” the four Elemental Lords, leaving only Belisarda. They eventually rebelled against their creators. Gnomes in Arcanis are ugly, short half-breeds.

These Gnomes are not an independent race, but are considered an ‘aberration’ race, resulting from the unholy breeding between Dwarves and Humans. Gnomes in Arcanis are disgustingly deformed, as the curse applied to dwarves applies equally to the stature of their offspring. However, unlike their Dwarven parents, Gnomes are not livinv from the afterlife.

Most of humanity are latecomers to the continent of Onara arcans most of the current story takes placebut at least one group, the Pengik, predate the Ss’regorean Empire, who have the oldest recorded history. Presently, there are two notable variations of Humanity: The Kio and the Undir. These subraces of Human have been attuned to the elements of air and water, respectively, and display several differences including longer life Kio and more elven traits Undir. Ss’ressen are lizard-men and a major component of the Ssethregoran Empire.


This empire consists of many races, many of them serpentine such as Naga and Ssanu snake-men who replaced the Yuan-ti after the latter were removed from the Open Gaming License content.

The Ssethregorans are the oldest civilized group on the continent of Onara and at one point had conquered most of it. They are well known for their strange magics and were responsible for the livnig of the Elorii.

Originally, they worshiped the gods Kassegore and Yig, but with the rise of the Naga to a ruling position, they now worship vile gods known as the Varn. Originally, they worshiped slaadi, but with the removal of these beings from the Open Gaming License content, Paradigm Concepts was forced to change this.

Arcanis – Wikipedia

The Black Talon ss’ressen rebelled against the Ssethregoran Empire and fled. They had come to worship a god known as The Fire Dragon. They live in a swampy area of the nation of Milandir. The Ghost Scale are descendants of a splinter group of Black Talons who came upon an artifact in arcania sewers of Grand Coryan that radiates a magical aura which so happens to also radiate heat enough to support a ss’eressen clutch and took to worshiping it as a god by the name of Herka.

The Ashen Hide ss’ressen broke off from the Black Talons, deciding that the Fire Dragon was actually the human god of fire and war, Nier. Livlng Ashen Hide Clutch now resides in livimg nation of Canceri.

Val were created during the God War as the elite warriors of the Gods and thereafter, as the caretakers of Mankind.

Campaign Documents

In their stead, every god sent his servants, the Valinorto mingle with the populace, and create a semi-divine family capable of aiding mankind. Every Val has a bloodline, which lliving tied to a specific god; they have divine powers which they may improve; these are related to their bloodline.

srcanis For example, val’Ossan are tied to Yarris, god of the sea, and can gain Bloodline Powers such as walking on water and controlling sea creatures. Val are also the only psionic humans in Arcanis. Val always have steel grey eyes, unless they are psionically active; in psions, the iris turns clear, leaving the eye almost entirely white.

The nations of Arcanis are mostly human affairs, all related to the First Imperium that fell thousands of years ago; most of these are ruled by the Val. The primary human lands are:.

There are three major clutches of Ss’ressen outside of the Ssethregoran Empirethe second two being offshoots of the first:. The other races are mostly outcasts and wanderers, though occasionally small racial enclaves arise in larger cities, rather than maintaining organized civilizations. The Deities of Arcanis are sectioned off into different pantheons.

Arcanis 5E RPG by Henry Lopez — Kickstarter

The main pantheon is the Pantheon of Man, housing the human gods. Loving pantheons such as the Pantheon of the Elves, are broken, or destroyed leaving only one or no gods behind. In Arcanis, “true” gods are unconcerned with petty mortal morality, so have no alignment as gods in other settings do; only churches have alignment, depending on what aspects of a god they worship. The foundation of the pantheon are three brother gods: Further, three Goddesses are their sisters and in ljving cases consorts: There is reference to AltharesGod of Knowledge, Invention, and Artifice, as being the “Grand Uncle of Sarish,” but exactly where he fits into the divine family tree is unclear.

The Mother Church of the Pantheon of Man once held all the gods in equal worship, until a schism occurred which drove followers of Neroth, Sarish and Nier to form an independent church, the Dark Triumvirate in Canceri.


The Mother Church and the Dark Triumvirate differ in several ways, primarily in that the Dark Triumvirate approves of activities the Mother Church fears: The Fire Dragon is the god worshiped by the Black Talon ss’ressen. The Ashen Hide split off from this group, believing that Fire Dragon was actually the human god, Nier.

The Ssethregoran Empire once worshiped the gods Kassegore and Yig. With the ascension of the Naga to a ruling position in the Empire, they have begun to worship a pantheon of beings from another plane known as the Varn. The Elorii follow the Elemental Lords that created them, despite the destruction of four of them. The remaining Elemental Lord, the life spirit Belisarda, was believed to have been destroyed by The Other or Umor, as the Elorii knew him arcais, until the arrival of a Prophet who claimed this was not true.

A somewhat common movement among Elorii has been the practice of identifying elemental lords with one of the human gods that supposedly absorbed those elemental lords powers. To other Elorii this seems to be heresy and is considered to be so, although the Mother Church and the Dark Triumvirate in the case of Nier has little or no issues for Elorii who choose this path.

The ancient Myrantian Hegemony had its own pantheon of gods, although much information about them has been lost to licing ages. The Mother Church of Coryan considers worship of the Myrantian deities heresy, but allows the worship of traditional Pantheon of Man deities under the names of Myrantian gods. The Myrantian Pantheon arcznis primarily based on the Ancient Egyptian pantheon, though not entirely. Tzizhet is considered a combination of Sarish and Neroth. Shu is a god of storms, sky, and magic, considered an amalgam of Hurrian and Sarish.

The setting also has secret societies, which are factions who have beliefs and goals that occasionally aid or impede the mission of players. Each faction varies in its goals as well as how secret each faction is.

Many secret societies exist in the world, though a good number of them are restricted to non-player characters in the living campaigns. The following secret societies have been open to player characters in the living campaigns:. In addition, sometimes secret orders are issued to specific nationalities, sides in war, or other subgroups. Living Arcanis was the name of the first Living Campaign set in the Arcanis setting. Also, Living Arcanis was played at smaller regional conventions throughout the world, many of which host special events, as well as by players at home.

The core livjng of the campaign was closely controlled by Henry Lopez. There are also several groups of quasi-independent writers whose adventures are sub-plots to the main story and are centered around a specific city, region, or secret society. These domains are known as Invisible Kingdoms, llving their stewards are known as Invisible Kings and Queens.

The first Living Arcanis campaign ended in with a climactic battle that ended the Coryani Civil War. A second interactive, racanis campaign, started a year later with Paradigm’s new Arcanis game rules. This new campaign, originally called the Chronicles of the Shattered Empires and renamed Legends of Arcanis, [2] is set about 50 years after the first one. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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