LIBER PYRAMIDOS. The Building of the Pyramid. The Magus with Wand. On the Altar are incense, Fire, Bread, Wine, the Chain, the. Scourge, the Dagger . I’m bumping this thread and am going to digress for a moment from its orignial intent to ask a question of the forum about theory relating to Liber. Liber DCLXXI vel Pyramidos. The Probationer. His duties are laid down in Paper A, Class D. Being without, they are vague and general. He receives Liber LXI.

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Who was Master of Dcoxxi from my birth: For see, the Gods have loosed mine hands: Yet there does seem to be enough leeway, to speak in general or symbolic terms, if a suitable common language can be found. Sorrow that eateth up the soul!

Liber DCLXXI vel Pyramidos |

Touch and inform this burning brow. I am Mentu his truth-telling brother. The Speech in the Silence. False Phantom, thou shalt pass before The frowning forehead of the Sun. Waiting Thy Glory in the Shrine.


Liber DCLXXI vel Pyramidos

Accuse me not now of unfitness Before the great God, the dread Lord of the West! My soul is risen newly to greet the risen sun.

I am Asar–worthy alone. I am blind and bound, but I have heard one cry rising through Eternity: O heart of me!

Air Robe W Rose E. Set up a regular payment of just GBP5. The words are spoken duly: Phallus for Altar Oil Centre. For I am come with all this pain, To ask admission to the Shrine. Arise and follow me! For Fatal is thy Name.

I gild my right foot with the Light. Rising in Sign Mulier: Behold the radiant vigor of the Lord!


Now then that darkling wight is lifted by the officers and brought to the altar in the centre; and there the Hiereus accuses him of the two and twenty Basenesses, dvlxxi the Hegemon lifting up his chained arms cries again and again against his enemy that he is under the Shadow of the Eternal Wings of the Holy One. Homage to Thee, Lord of the Word! October 31, at 7: I know Thee, Lady of Teeu! He is installed in the Throne of the Double Kingdom, and he wields the Wand of Double Power by the sings of the grade.


I will not look upon thee more, For Fatal is Thy Name.

Thelemistas | Liber DCLXXI vel Pyramidos

I am a raging fire of wrath–no wiser! How infinitely musical are the voices of Nature, those that are heard and those liberr are not heard! I gild my navel with the Light. I gild my right knee with the Light. All this the Hiereus seals with a knock and at the Hegemon’s new summons he — to his surprise — finds himself as the Hanged Man of the Tarot.

Before the great God, the dread Lord of the West! Begin the Banishing Spiral Dance to the right at the word “Let”. Oppose me not, judge in my quest! Lord of Silence, Homage to Thee!