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How do you design a “text-book perfect” square wave?

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You know you want it. Dual volt electric lines required! We’re not out to drain the world of energy yet at the same time we have to meet certain engineering goals for each mrw. The amps are big, heavy subassemblies optimized for unlimited capability. There are no degree angles on the amplifier exteriors. Recording of October Rather than continue using one particular transistor that everyone else was employing, you had Motorola create a solid-state device exclusively for Krell.

It would be very difficult for us to mount such an effort. Videos Enjoy the Music. As long as we don’t editorialize or try to change krelll qualities of the recording in any way, our amps should be musical. The KCT is a complete current-gain preamp. We’re an electronics company, so we used an electronic model. Our thought is that every recording should sound different because every recording is different. We’ve also had requests to mga a custom stand because there are a number of stands or platforms that simply can’t support a lb.

Extensive mechanical resonance damping! In order to reproduce that recorded musical signal exactly as it was captured, you need to be keell to reproduce that voltage swing perfectly, especially when amplified. The rest of the amp is then built up around this subassembly.


It was actually an old girlfriend that got me into the industry. How was it structured? Each amplifier is an asymmetrical mirror image square of the other.

I’ve never heard a “warm” kick drum. Much like any other high-end or luxury market, there’s a market for products that push the limits of what’s possible in performance. The trick is to meet our engineering goals with a minimum amount of energy waste and consumption. As they were an open box pair, she convinced me to spend my next mrs funding on them and Mrx starved in order to pay for them.

Warranty is five 5 years, part and labor. Both, as much as possible. We applied it and refined it. This scheme makes the amps much more efficient and reliable than traditional full-bias Class A amps but without the audible krfll or sliding schemes.

They will not sound any different kdell way – the internal electronics are identical in each chassis. Six Suites for Viola Solo. Cambridge Audio Edge A integrated amplifier.

Krell MRA in like new condition most powerful amplifier [Expired]

You’ve also become known for current-mode designs. Making the sinks non-resonant to eliminate microphonic distortions makes them even bigger.

Some of your newest products are loudspeakers. Everything from large symphonic pieces to rock to jazz to electronic music can be demanding enough to make an amplifier work hard.

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The people who want to hear real life in their living room are likely to be disappointed in the near future. They do not sell direct and prefer to have our products sold by businesses where they can be seen, touched and auditioned.

All of our products for the last 10 years have been really serious current-mode kre,l. The same is true for an amplifier of this size and power, meaning that the control and clarity of the amplifier is going to be unmatched, even mar moderate listening levels, because of the inherent capabilities of the amplifier as a whole.


Krell MRA Amplifiers

One of the major things that has helped us here is the fact that there are so many contractors. What really got me going is that Apogee hired us to do the woofer amp and the tweeter amplifier for their Grand [loudspeaker]. This is good for us because we get feedback telling us that we have no problems driving various speakers and our goal of neutrality is verified if the character or voicing of the speaker is clearly audible.

I was doing college radio and was a huge music fan and looking for something to improve my car stereo at a local high-end retailer’s annual “warehouse sale. If a relatively neutral cable is used, that will be also.

Leave this field blank. In places where living space is at a premium, monitors are predominantly used. I would guess that a warm-up period is necessary because mrq the sheer number of output devices that have to get up to temperature in order to stabilize bias, but I couldn’t tell you how long that might be.

At the very instant of the peak, a could if it were playing loudly enough into a low impedance load, but only at that tiny fraction of a second when the peak occurred.

As the series number gets higher, the performance level of the product increases as well. Bases are black granite with polished stainless steel inserts in the feet.