„Beniowski” – poemat dygresyjny Juliusza Słowackiego – jest jednym z najbardziej interesujących dzieł w historii polskiej literatury. Jego oryginalność, bogactwo. W polskiej literaturze naukowej bardzo niewiele jest opracowań dotyczących perspektywy Kordian Tarasiewicz jako historyk dziejów przedsiębiorczości. Zeszyty z serii BIBLIOTECZKA OPRACOWAN zawieraja informacje biograficzne zycie i tworczosc autora okolicznosci powstania utworu streszczenie analize i.

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Laboratorium GrotowskiegoWydawnictwo Interpress, Warszawas.

From the very outset they were treated as patients of a mental institution this is how the Doctor referred to them in his first conversation with Dozorca [Janitor]. Instead, the parade kodian the pair of mad men returned, and they proved to be the most convincing argument, as they grasped Kordian as kordiann of their own and led him from the room. Kordian, running nervously around the room, was caught by the nurses and forced into a straightjacket, which he wore when he was subsequently accompanied by Fear and Imagination as he went to attack the Doctor-Tsar who was sitting on a bed.


His diagnosis began with the protagonist issuing a series of raving fantasies which in the original formed his entire biography: Jerzy Gurawski ; costumes and props: The leading theme, then, of Kordian was the question of sacrifice. ProfanacjeInstytut im. Standing face-to-face with him, Kordian was subject to the ultimate and most difficult test — the argument with Doctor-Satan from scene 6, act III.

Subordinating the entire performance to this question meant that it became a certain test of the audience. The particular events forming the full action of the drama were played out as the nightmares, memories and fantasies of patients under the care of the rational yet diabolical Doctor.

Audience members sat on them or next to them, and were thus forced into very close contact with the actors while observing the action taking place in between the beds and on them from changing and occasionally surprising perspectives.

PrzewodnikInstytut im. In treating the audience members as participants in the events, they were confronted as directly as possible with the sacrilegious profanation of kordixn national myth of an individual redeeming sacrifice, which in turn challenged them to either reject or accept the myth.


The whole theatre space was filled will beds, most of them bunk-beds. In accordance with this fundamental idea, Jerzy Gurawski created a uniform performance space accommodating both actors and audience members. It was accompanied by korxian procedure of letting blood which served as a bitterly ironic counterpoint, reducing the romantic sacrifice of life to a trivial operation. The following scene, which presented the coronation of the Tsar, took the form of a narrative divided between opracoqanie who were seated in various locations around the auditorium.

Kordian | encyklopedia |

This series of scenes culminated with the famous monologue on Mont Blanc, spoken by the sick Kordian during an attack of fury. The final patient, considered to be the most troubling case, opracowani out to be Kordian. It was first performed publicly at The Theatre of 13 Rows on 14 February with a closed premiere on 13 February.