Koba the Dread: Laughter and the Twenty Million. by Martin Amis (Talk Miramax; $). When the historian Robert Conquest was asked in. Koba the Dread has ratings and reviews. Maciek said: There has never been a regime quite like it, not anywhere in the history of the universe. A brilliant weave of personal involvement, vivid biography and political insight, Koba the Dread is the successor to Martin Amis’s award-winning.

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Koba the Dread

Martin Amis Koba the Dread: And I instantly pictured a scorpion stinging itself to death. On the personal side, it is interesting that Amis is an old friend of Christopher Hitchens.

Inspired by Your Browsing History. The logic of Stalin’s courts was different from what is customary elsewhere. They self-congratulate, they self-promote, they review each others’ books, and they never seem to tire of writing about the s in London.

Some people on Goodreads don’t really “get” the one-star review. So who is this book for? I wasn’t quite sure what to make of this book, as it wandered through Martin’s childhood and, his father the ex-Communist, and conversations with Christopher Hitchens, but once he finds his topic, Koba is hypnotic and compelling. That might be the one saving grace here – no matter the monster, there will always be courageous humans that find a way to document everything, and tell us that the monster was wrong.


Koba the Dread: Laughter and the Twenty Million by Martin Amis

That number, once again, is twenty million. Stalin’s collectivized agriculture led not only to widespread peasant repression but also provoked a catastrophic famine. Hitler murdered 6 mil Jews and other assorted “”misfits” but Stalin “bested” that more than 3 times over. And why, in world where the name Stalin is only somewhat less reviled than the name Hitler, do people still speak admiringly of Lenin and Trotsky “a nun-killer”, opines Amiswho were no less brutal in their aims, albeit more limited in their capabilities?

The kob [of ] pressed Stalin into a semblance of mental health.

Quotes from Koba the Dread: On that day well over a hundred people died of asphyxiation in the streets of Moscow. A partial truth here. Such is the man. Unlike most novelists, he has a true sense of historical perspective, a feeling for issues that matter. What is particularly interesting is that, ooba though Stalin killed 20 million some historians believe this number to be closer to 40 or 50 million of his own people, he was still liked and supported only partly out of fear I would find out.

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Review: Koba the Dread by Martin Amis | Books | The Guardian

You can close the door on a Communist proselytizer. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. But maybe Amis’s book will reach a wider audience, and maybe that’s why he wrote it. From pagediscussing what the author calls “Negative Perfection” of Stalinist Russia. Amis yhe to task those apologists of Soviet communism and its leaders, including his novelist father Kingsley and best friend, the infamously cantankerous and former lefty Christopher Hitchens.


The estimate of deaths under Stalin comes from Robert Conquest ‘s work, a key source for Amis.

The second half of the aphorism is kobba course wholly false: The second world war killed some 50 million human beings; the Bolshevik revolution and the Soviet state killed at least 20 million between and Stalin’s death in The book is a study of the depredations of the regime of Joseph Stalin in the Soviet Union from the s to the s.

From that perspective, I think that Koba the Dread tthe an important book. From the Hardcover edition. Jun 30, Antonia rated it it was amazing. In fact, every life is a tragedy, too. Regolamento di joba in famiglia…. Lists with This Book. Staling purged Soviet elite and society of any element which might have challenged his rule Рno party member, army official and regular comrade could feel safe.

Each leader applies his own, unique solution. This book was incredible.

The present memoir explores these connections. Apr 10, Erik Graff rated it liked it Recommends it for: But Koba the Dread is dead a halt by a man in middle life, a pause on the road to ask questions, which cannot be avoided if that life is to be honestly told.