KEMA 08 ATEX IECEx KEM Features. □ Wide temperature range . □ PLEXO connection system, cold-applied connection and shrinkable tubing. EU-Type Examination Certificate Number: KEMA 98ATEX X are recorded in confidential test report number NL/KEM/ExTR/ KEMA 05ATEX X. PTB 02 ATEX X. Electrical KEMA 08ATEX SEV 10 ATEX SEV 10 ATEX SEV 10 ATEX SEV 10 ATEX.

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Heat transfer is improved dramatically since the windings during the impregnation process.

Technical data | Heating Technology

Port status, error, MC32 error TS The electrical connection is established with terminal screws operating on the screw cage clamp principle. The set serves to join two cold leads or to form two heating tape connections. System calibration is not necessary. Typical applications are switchgear and controlgear cabinets, instrument housings, analyser cases, glove boxes and other enclosures.

If the tape will be damaged, it is not necessary to replace the whole tape. Fixing straps Connection cables Adhesive tapes For example the setpoint, analog output limits, heating currents, low alarm, and if desired, the kemq alarm must be set.

Cable thermostat KTE-m, B When kemma service work on the heating circuit, the load output can be turned off by means of a digital input and the temperature alarms can be disabled. The electrical connection is established by means of screw-type terminals operating on the screw cage clamp principle, which ensures a reliable connection and is also gentle on conductors.


When using the device with the factory setting, a simple setup is used for putting into operation for the first time. One cable gland with size M25 for the power cable is already assembled at the junction box.

This feature considerably simplifies project planning and installation. Protection class according to EN Cover gasket IP 65 The enclosures have the appropriate number of terminals and the necessary cable glands resp. This ensures that the location of the leakage can be found quickly so that countermeasures can be introduced immediately.

Cable Gland brass The enclosures are available with the necessary cable glands resp. Function 50 Construction 27 34 55 6. See System Description for the Installation Instructions. LEDs display the bus status messages and fault signals.

The other sensors serve to monitor a high and a low alarm value. Should you require further information on the detailed layout of the heating capacity in holding temperature applications, please contact us. If the temperature exceeds the limit value the limiter interrupts the heating circuit permanently from mains and a fault alarm signal is given. The load and residual current are registered for that purpose.


For each measuring channel up to m of sensor cable can be connected. The heater plates reliably protect electrical installations against function failures due to creepage currents and also offer protection against other failures caused by corrosion formation at mechanical system components.

kema 08 atex pdf – P(1) –

The PA00 touch panel serves as the interface here. The enclosure is mounted by means of insulated screws outside of the lid seal.

A DIP switch can be used to select the device function required. Heating conductor Description 2. The inner one of the two jackets is thermally fused to the heating element bonded jacket. If the ambient temperature rises, the power output of the heating tape is reduced.

Installation kit media protected fold set Technical data subject to change without notice. The enclosure is prepared with threads for heating tape glands with size M

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