In the Padavatton was 34 years old and living in Washington, USA, with her son. She had a good job, salary and pension rights. Jones. Jones v Padavatton: CA 29 Nov Cited – Balfour v Balfour CA ([] 2 KB , [] All ER Rep , () 88 LJKB , (). Unfortunately, the mother (Mrs Jones) was thinking in West Indian dollars in which dollars was equal to 42 a month, and the daughter, living in Washington.

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He addresses several points in his judgement, firstly whether the agreements made between the parties were intended to be legally enforceable, secondly did the mother intend to be legally bound to support her daughter for an uncertain period of time, and thirdly did the daughter assume a contractual obligation to complete her studies.

I cannot think that either intended that if, after the daughter had been in London, say, for six months, the mother dishonoured her promise and left her daughter destitute, the daughter would have no legal redress. Member feedback about Intention to create legal relations: Accessed December 27, In my judgment it is the subsequent history which gives the boat guide to the parties’ intention at the material time.

At any rate, two questions emerged for argument: I think, that such arrangements made between husband and wife are arrangements in which there are mutual promises, or in which there is consideration in the form within the definition that I have mentioned.

The case of Jones v Padavatton Paper

Paxavatton there a contract allowing Padavatton to continue in possession? I would refer to Lord Justice Atkin’s magnificent exposition of the situation in. No agreement was reached about how long this arrangement would continue.

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Salmon LJ follows this approach in his judgement, stating it is a presumption of fact that when arrangements are made between family members, they are not intended to create a legal relationship but are rather based on mutual ties of trust and affection.


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She took her son, Tommy, with her. The Mother then agreed to purchase a house for the daughter to live in. The question again arises; Was there any legally binding contract, or was it just an informal family arrangement?

Member feedback about Jones v Padavatton: There are three matters which seem to me important: There was a doubt whether the daughter’s rights were confined to one room, or could she occupy several? The point was made by Mr Sparrow that the parties cannot have had a contractual intention since it would be unthinkable for the daughter to be able to sue the mother if the mother fell upon hard times.

The case of Jones v Padavatton – Research Paper Example :

The daughter was reluctant to do so at first as she had a well paid job with the Indian embassy in Washington and was quite happy and settled, however, the mother persuaded her that it would be in her interest to do so. The daughter who had been married to and divorced from a Mr Wyatt was living in a flat in Washington, D.

We will write a custom paper sample on The case of Jones v Padavatton specifically for you. It was not a stiff contractual operation any more than the original arrangement. Jones v Padavatton Visual Similar Judgments. Get 1 point on providing a valid sentiment to this Citation. This is perhaps the strongest indication that the daughter had never intended legal consequences to arise from the agreement.

Jones v Padavatton – Wikipedia

Both mother and daughter come from Trinidad and appear to be of East Indian descent. Home Page Cases Jones v Padavatton. She seems to take the view as does the learned mones court judge that she has a legal claim on her mother to house her and contribute to her support and that of her son and husband, perhaps in perpetuity.

She, with Tommy, was occupying one room in Padavatton, for which she had to pay 6. Pdavatton Honour considered that this presumption had been rebutted here — the parties did intend that Padavatton should have some padzvatton rights padqvatton but also that this arrangement was not pdavatton continue indefinitely and had therefore validly terminated.


How much accommodation was the daughter to occupy; how much money was she to have out of the rents; if the rents fell below expectation, was the mother to make up the difference below 42, or 42 less the sum saved by the daughter in rent; for how long was the arrangement to continue, and so on. Unfortunately, the mother Mrs Jones was thinking in West Indian dollars in which dollars was equal to 42 a month, and the daughter, living in Washington, was thinking in U.

I can but express the hope that this may be done, for it would clearly be to the mutual benefit of both parties. Shadwell laid down no principle of law relevant to what we have to decide; it merely illustrated what could never, I think, be seriously doubted, namely, that there may be circumstances in which arrangements between close relatives are intended to have the force of paadavatton.

If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. A defence and counterclaim dated the 11th August had been delivered, which was amended on the 31st February Then they had a quarrel while Mrs Padavatton was still completing her bar exams at Lincoln’s Inn. The daughter then married and did not complete her studies.

Nothing was said as to how much the daughter might pay herself out of the rents for maintenance.

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