IR3 Flame Detector ▷ Sensitivity according to EN Class 1: m² flames at 25m. ▷ Low risk of false alarms due to different IR. The Intelligent IR3 Flame Detector is designed to protect areas where open flaming fires may be expected. It is sensitive to low frequency, flickering infra-red . The Triple Infra-red (IR3) Flame Detector is designed to protect areas where open fires may be expected. The IR3 Flame Detector is sensitive to low frequency .

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A fire emits radiation, which human eye experiences as the visible yellow red flames and heat. The cone of vision of the flame detector is three dimensional deteftor is not necessarily perfectly round. Closed-circuit television or a web camera can be used for visual detection of wavelengths between 0.

A more exact relation – valid when the distance between the flame and the flame detector is small – between the radiation density, Eat the detector and the distance, Dbetween the flwme and a flame of effective radius, Remitting energy density, Mis given by.

Flame detector – Wikipedia

This helps minimize false alarms. This causes a peak in the total radiation emission and can be well detected. The shadow effect can be minimized by mounting a second flame detector in the opposite of the first detector.

Digital image processing can be utilized to recognize flames through analysis of the video created from the near IR images. Infrared IR or wideband infrared 1.

Most IR detectors are designed to ignore constant background IR radiation, which is present in all environments. Despite our best efforts, mistakes sometimes happen. This law is equally valid for all optical flame detectors, including video based ones. Any orders received under the minimum order value will be returned to sender for revision. The sun emits an enormous amount of energy, which would be harmful to human beings if not for the vapours and gases in the atmosphere, like water cloudsozoneand others, through which the sunlight is filtered.


Full details of our service standards can be downloaded here.

Device Addressing Before installing the flame detector, it is necessary to set the address using the DIL switch, which is accessed flqme removing the front cover, using a 5mm hexagonal key. Here it is necessary that there is a large difference in output between the applied sensors for example sensor S1 and S2 in the picture.

This allows the detector to distinguish between non-flame IR sources and actual flames which emit hot CO 2 in the combustion process. The horizontal angle of vision and the vertical angle of vision often differ; this is mostly caused by the shape of the housing tlame by mirroring parts meant for the self test. Register hereor sign in.

Flame detector

Condensed aerosol fire suppression Fire sprinkler system Fire sprinkler Gaseous fire suppression. These electro-optical sensor combinations also enable the detection of non-hydrocarbons like hydrogen fires without the risk of false alarms caused by artificial light or electrical welding. These detectors are sensitive to both UV and IR wavelengths, and detect flame by comparing the threshold signal of both ranges. Smoke or fog can limit the effective range of these, since they operate solely in the visible spectrum.

Fire Services in India: These are sensed using a specialized fire-fighting thermal imaging camera TICa type of thermographic camera. Furthermore, complex image processing analysis can be executed by computers, which can recognize a flame or even smoke. Please note… Remember to quote your account number and purchase order number on any order correspondence. A salt film is also harmful, because salt absorbs water.

These sensors measure heat and therefore are commonly used to determine the absence of a flame. In this equipment the information of an UV camera mixed with visible image information. Stainless steel 2 axis adjustable mounting bracket, part no They are also common in a variety of household gas furnaces and boilers. The big economical advantage is that detector windows can be made of quartz instead of expensive sapphire. Manual Fire blanket Fire bucket Fire extinguisher.


Such detectors can be used in large industrial process gas heaters and are connected to the flame control system. The range of a flame detector is highly determined by the mounting location. Test the operation of the detector with either a portable flame sensor test unit or if practical a flickering yellow flame. Oops… Despite our best efforts, mistakes sometimes happen. One could say that the fire can be masked by other heat sources. A high sensitivity on the edges of the angle of vision provides advantages for the projection of a flame detector.

Triple IRs, like other IR detector types, are susceptible to blinding by a layer of water on the detector’s window. If you accept their use, simply click here to continue.

This makes the sensor in this frequency “solar blind”; however, sensitivity is reduced by sunlight. As a result, both detection range and immunity to false alarms can be significantly increased.

A second advantage of this approach is, that the second flame detector is a redundant one, in case the first one is not working or is blinded. Ultraviolet UV detectors work by detecting the UV radiation emitted at the instant of ignition. A flame detector is a sensor designed to detect and respond to the presence of a flame or fireallowing flame detection.

Pyroelectric sensors operating at this wavelength can be relatively cheap. Inspect the detector viewing window for any build-up of dust or other contaminants on the optical surface. A poor flame or one that is lifting off the burner may also interrupt the continuity. Different combustibles can even have a different angle of vision in the same flame detector. Geophone Hydrophone Microphone Seismometer.