This is the Futaba 7C Ghz FASST airplane radio system with a RFS receiver, and four S Servos. The 7C sits squarely in the middle. Home · Radios; Futaba 7C 7-Channel GHz FASST Airplane Radio System. Futaba 7C 7-Channel GHz FASST Airplane Radio System. Image 1. Loading . : Futaba 7C GHz Heli Tx/Rx Only: Toys & Games.

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The transmitter is black with a chrome gimbals surround.

This transmitter and receiver package came factory linked right out of the box. I felt completely locked into the model at all times. If you have ever wished for a “half” click of trim, this radio supports that! The large LCD fuyaba and user interface was simple and intuitive.

Mar 27, The 7C transmitter has adjustable stick lengths, an always welcome feature. It is well laid out, and it begins with a glossary section to help new users with terms and abbreviations. I was very happy to see trim step or trim sensitivity in this transmitter. The Futaba 7C has powerful software and the reliability and support of the Futaba name.

The 7C has an internal diode, so battery cell maintenance discharging must be done outside the charge jack.

Futaba 7c 2.4ghz Air R617fs 4-s3152 Transmitter

The positions of the dual antennas is important. It is important to note that you can use nearly any modern 3 wire servos you wish. Jul 01, I have done that on my 7C. The Futaba 7C 2. I found adjustments were easy to make I made mine in seconds.


Is there any way to lock the throttle or switch it off so I can’t accidentally bump the throttle while walking to the flight line? The great news here is that you can then use flaps as a separate function. I did not encounter any range or transmission issues even at substantial visual limits. Continuous Channel Shifting combined with Futaba’s patented Pre-Vision technology and the Dual Antenna Diversity gives users a robust, virtually impenetrable radio link.

It shares most of the same software menus, and if you have the 7C you will feel right at home with your new system. I also don’t understand the “reciever price” comments. Also very nice is the inclusion of the Variable Rate dial for flap trim. In order for 2. When are they going to get rid of that ridiculous snap roll switch? No question that the 7C is solid performer. They are short, stout and placed in such a way that I found them easy to actuate and they seem as if they would be hard to break.

Futaba 7C 7-Channel GHz FASST System Review – RC Groups

I love My 7C. The display clearly indicates a flashing P. The receiver uses short lengths of flexible cable to extend the antennas well past the case. This large easy to access “button” allows you to scroll and select menu items. With this technology, every two milliseconds the Futaba 2.

Futaba 7c: Airplanes & Helicopters | eBay

I trust it completely. You must not fly the system until you exit from the power down mode.

I would love to see the proportional control sliders that I find especially useful for camber and flaps used on some models. I really loved my 7CAP and this 2. During flight testing, and to approximate a worst case scenario for testing purposes, I did two things you should not do: It also includes the ability to change stick mode assignments via software.


Great review as usual, Mike!! I had the 2. This is software configured and channel 3 throttle can be set to off or low in the unlikely event of RF loss. BB supported shaft Torque: It also has support for dual elevator servo setups. The link process takes only a few seconds and is visually confirmed by the LEDs. The software is easy to use, logical and progressive, making programming the transmitter very simple.

This transmitter looks nearly identical to its 72MHz cousin, the Futaba 7C. Likewise you can really fine tune settings with tiny trim steps on much flown models. I would also love to see new radio systems with 2s LiPoly or 2s LiFe chemistry with at least mA capacity.

One of the strong points of 2. The trim levers are digital and placed slightly off stick centers common of systems today. I was very impressed with the new Futaba 7C 2.

I assume that like the 7C you cannot do mixing involving the throttle channel such as throttle to elevator? The overall length of the cable and antennas is just about 5 inches or mm. Assign it to a switch and push the set button.