constituted a Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel (WGEEP). . requested a committee of Dr. Y.V.N Krishna Murthy, Director, Indian Institute of. Gadgil, who headed the Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel, said that the recommendations of Dr Kasturirangan is an old respected friend. Kasturirangan Panel Report on Western Ghats, Discuss. Dr. Krishnaswamy Kasturirangan (born 24 October in Ernakulum, Kerala). Indian space.

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He never did it. Madhav Gadgil submitted a report to the Government of India with stringent conditions, affecting lakhs of farmers in the region. Subscribe to our mailing list. Almost three-fourth of the hills, including plantations, cultivated lands and large habitations, is turned into a restricted development zone with an over-arching authority to regulate the region superseding the elected authorities’ role.

Kasturirangan Panel Report on Western Ghats , Discuss

Gadgil and Kasturi should consider these facts. Tourism in forest areas of Western Ghats. The three major rivers that originate in the Western Ghats and flow to the east are Godavari, Krishna and Kaveri etc.

Gallery Australia says ‘Happy ‘ as rest of the world awaits New Year. Archived from the original on People now fear that due to illegal mining they would get evicted indirectly. Kasturirangan was submitted to the Ministry on the 16th of April, Notify me of new posts by email.

For example, while no mining would be allowed within ESZ- 1, existing mines could continue in ESZ-2 reporf a moratorium on new licences. Even all species have same living rights like us so please coaprate to conserve our last bit of our breathing land rather than opposing it…….

Kasturirangan Report on Western Ghats. The representative argued that under different provisions of Reserve Forest, Protected Areas and Eco-Sensitive Zones, the State Government is already regulating about 22, sqkm of area in the Western Ghats region and as such, another layer of protection in the form of ESA may not be needed.


It will also disastrous for the environment. If Kasturirangan report is implemented in toto, it will impair the lives of farmers beyond redemption and bring all developmental activities in the region to a complete halt. We respect your thoughts and views! So, we should take a pledge not to destroy our environment. kaxturirangan

Madhav Gadgil flays Kasturirangan Committee report on Western Ghats

This Kasturiranga contains enormous wealth of beautiful species and trees. Videos Statue politics in The gods has created this beautiful world but what man do?

Ramanath Rai, had recently urged the Centre against implementing the recommendations of the report noting that, implementation of report will have an impact on villages in 20, sq km of Western Ghats region in Karnataka. The move of the State government to reject the report is significant now kasfurirangan it comes at a time when Kodagu district and Kerala State, a part of Western Ghats, is ravaged by floods and landslides.

Hence I would request the Union Government and the ministry of Environment and Forests to consider the following points for most favorable and immediate action: If Gadgil report laid too much importance to the environment, Kasturirangan report was biased towards development.

It reoort a great scientific violation”, he said. Try out our Premium Member services: That is a reduction of 17, sq km in the top priority segment.

Kasturirangan report got the tag as anti-environmental soon after its release.

It had suggested three levels of categorization where regulatory measures for protection would be imposed and had recommended the establishment of the Western Ghats Ecology Authority for management of the Ghats. The Kasturirangan panel, on the other hand, adopted the criteria followed by the Western Ghats Development Programme of the Planning Commission and identified talukas as its Western Ghats landscape, which worked out to 1,64, sq km.

Later, the central government sought the opinion of the five states in implementing the report. As Kerala faces its worst floods in several decadesMadhav Gadgil, the author of a landmark report on the conservation of the Western Ghats created said that Kerala Floods are partly man-made.


Kasturirangsn will not be able to do farming there. Gadgil’s comments at a time when there is an increasing chorus in Kerala to implement either of these reports to protect the ecologically fragile Western Ghats in view of the recent floods. Environmentalists want their domain to be predominant while politicians and industry voice diametrically opposite view. This panel has not recommended a ban on hydroelectric projects in the zone ghate was banned in Gadgil report.

Karnataka says ‘no’ to Kasturirangan report – The Hindu

The people who stays in those areas are directly feared of their livelihood. Here are some rare images of ‘Ilaya Thilagam’.

August 22, The Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy assured of holding a high-level Committee meeting and discussion on the possibility of protecting the interest of people in the Western Ghats, at the same time conserving the ecology during his recent visit to Dharmastala.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. K Kasturirangan Member, Planning Commission and includes environmental experts and other professionals as its members. It is learnt that all six States objected vehemently to the proposal by Prof.

Going with the recommendations of the high-level panel that was headed by Mr. National Green Tribunal pulls up the environment ministry, 1 Oct The report doesn’t give any solution or measures for revenue losses that take place because of its recommendation.

The high-level panel had recommended that the hill tracts with high population densities be kept out of the ESA ambit. CEC report on alleged illegal diversion of forest lands for non-forest uses Also, there are comments on a lighter note.