Abstract. QUEVEDO O, Catalina; MORALES V, Sonia P and ACOSTA C, Alejandro. Scenedesmus sp GROWTH IN DIFFERENT CULTURE mediums FOR . EVALUACIÓN DEL CRECIMIENTO DE LA MICROALGA Scenedesmus sp. E. No description. by. on 25 October Tweet. Crecimiento de Scenedesmus quadricauda en efluentes cloacales de la ciudad de Trelew, Chubut, Argentina.

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Otros trabajos iniciales fueron los de Van Donk et al. Universidad de Antioquia; Therefore, in immobilized systems it is important to determine the appropriate amount of light in order to reach maximum levels of biomass, nutrients removal and protein content.

Effect crecimietno immobilizing Scenedesmus obliquus cells in a matrix on oxygen evolution and fluorescence properties. Effect of irradiance on growth, photosynthesis, pigment content and nutrient consumption in dense cultures of Rhodomonas salina Wislouch Cryptophyceae.

Nitrite uptake by Chlamydomonas reinhardtii cells immobilized in calcium alginate.

Therefore, light intensities not have significant effects on the growth and protein content in beads with low cell density cultures. Statistical analyses The photosynthetic rate data in the experiments with two cellular densities in alginate beads were analyzed by analysis of variance ANOVA.

Conclusions The photosynthetic parameters obtained for immobilized S. Freshwater algae of North America.

Results in the present study suggest that cellular activity of immobilized cells decreases as stocking density increases, as noted by the lower photosynthetic rate P and Ej obtained in cultures with high cell density beads Table 1. I curve indicated the specific irradiance that allows a maximum photosynthetic rate without reaching photo-inhibition. Stock suspension of S. However, it can be observed that in contrast to free-cell cultures, the appropriate light intensity obtained within the light limitation zone P-I curves does not guarantee a high biomass production and protein content.


Both growth rates were lower than those reported for S. Phycological Society of America.

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Resumen La microalga Scenedesmus obliquus fue inmovilizada en esferas de Ca-alginato en dos densidades celulares del cultivo 6. Wastewater nutrients N and P removal by carrageenan and alginate immobilized Chlorella vulgaris. The relationship between photosynthesis and light for natural assemblages of coastal marine phytoplankton.

Therefore, it was concluded that the light intensities selected in the present study not had significant effects in the growth and protein content in beads with low cells stocking. Photosynthetic characteristics and growth of alginate-immobilized Scenedesmus obliquus. Growth and nutrient removal in free and immobilized planktonic green algae isolated from pig manure. It seems as if shading effects could be overcome by increasing light on the surface, yet high irradiance causes inhibition of photosynthesis, which is not desirable in immobilized cultures.

Literature cited Andersen, R. Analysis of effective light in different photobioreactors: A topic of interest is the utilization of algal biomass, but this depends on its biochemical composition, which is affected by the nutrients concentration and culture medium composition, as well as, temperature, light intensity and wavelength.


Por otra parte, el hecho de que S. Partitioning of transfer and carboxylation components of intracellular resistance to photosynthetic CO 2 fixation: This could be advantageous, because the cultures can work with a wide range of intensity of light in tropical regions. These results are useful for subsequent applications of the encapsulated algae, such as biomonitoring and bioremediation.

En un estudio sobre la ultraestructura de las esferas de alginato Lebsky et al.


Changes in light intensity would result in variations in the pigment composition, concentrations of the components of electron transport chains, carboxylic enzyme activities, photosynthetic rates, dark respiration rates and biochemical composition Bartual sceendesmus al.

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Cultures of immobilized S. Reynolds indica que la tasa de crecimiento de Chlorella sp. Nitrogen budget in Scenedesmus obliqqus cultures with artificial wastewater.

The ecology of phytoplankton.