The Circle are a group of Druids whose power is linked to the Devourer Wurm–a primordial god of annihilation and primal aggression that. The subreddit for the Circle Orboros faction in Hordes/Warmachine!. The Circle Orboros is for your earth lovers and people who want an army of every kind of mythological monster you can think of and then some.

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Image Unavailable Image not available for Color: What is fun is that they have a variety of different force to chose on, the creatures mentioned above griffinswerewolvessatyrs, etc ; big constructions of enchanted rock; wild savage tribesmen that worship a devouring god; and the circle’s druids and men itself. Many of these places had been reclaimed from the Black Kingdom of Morrdh and had taken generations to purify.

Subscribe to Our Free Newsletter. The Wurm gains power from the the natural energy flowing through the veins and arteries of Orboros, the lifeblood of Caen. These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers. The northern civilization was protected by the entity known as Zevanna Agha who could draw the powers of the land similar to Circle but also on the vast strength of the people of her lands.

This has of course annoyed a couple of people, the Trollbloods most recently and now the Circle finds itself fighting every faction out there, trying to hold out while achieving their aims.

The Circle’s playstyle is quite trolly, run up through terrain, strip off your defensive buffs, smack you oboros hard, then run back through terrain while creating more to pin you down. Sign In Don’t have an account?


Druids of the Circle call on these primal forces vircle bend them to their will. In the north the dragon Everblight annihilated the homelands of the Nyss and corrupted the majority of their race bringing them into the service of his Legion.

Further the rise of the Iron Kingdoms has only accelerated the expansion of cities and the rise in populations as the once divided kingdoms united to create major powers. Point cost threshold for free models self. Hordes Legion of Everblight: Less is more in this instance; we are trying to dye the negative space.

Potential attachment – Og Ravager Shaman, shoots lightning.

Hordes/Tactics/Circle Orboros

Go ahead and give painting fur a try. Kaya1, Call of the Wild Theme self. The Circle unleashed a powerful plague called the Rip Lung that devastated both Immorese and Orgoth populations. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. Loki Warpwolf Heavy Warbeast. Fighting at Taniths curcle with shield and hooked blade in hand, orhoros carves a bloody path through his opponents in battle, relishing the carnage. Unique among his kind, Loki has managed to maintain a measure of both his sanity and his humanity even through the torturous transformation from man to warpwolf.

Showing of 2 reviews. Once a senior if convinced of a junior blackclad, a lasting bond is created by offering a portion of his territories in a form of feudalism.


Try to avoid a thick coat and let the paint find the recesses. Tentative efforts have been made to connect to ley lines beyond the Bloodstone Marches and to far-off lands like the southern continent orboors Zu, though these regions have yet to be fully integrated into the ley line network. Let some of your strokes start in the darkened recessed areas, enhancing the illusion of depth. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. This box contains everything one player needs to charge into battle.


The rise of a cult of worshipers of Cyriss the Clockwork Goddess known as known as the Convergence of Cyriss has threatened the Circle’s control of key ley lines as forces of the Convergence attempt to build their vast foundries at the sites to power their clockwork creations. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. After that dries, apply Thraka Green Wash to the recessed areas. Potential attachment – Warpborn Alpha: Once dry, apply a wash of Badab Black, focusing again on the crevasses.

Its got a lot of options and can deal with a lot of list types quite easily, its also very shooty which catches a lot of opponents off-guard because the main shooting unit for the Circle is one of the few genuine garbage units in this game.

Circle Orboros | Iron Kingdoms Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Retrieved from ” https: Despite its relatively small numbers the scope of the Circle Orboros is far-reaching. Which benefit the junior druid as promotion to higher ranks requires having more than one advocate within the hierarchy.

Are they even right? While the Orgoth were defeated the damage done by them took centuries heal. Ships from and sold by Battlegrounds. Wilders have very few dircle other than to learn and obey.