Carpe Jugulum. In the 23rd Discworld novel, Lancre’s newest residents are a thoroughly modern, sophisticated vampire family. Carpe Jugulum (Discworld) [Terry Pratchett] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. It is rare and splendid event when an author is elevated from . Carpe Jugulum [Terry Pratchett] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 1st UK hardcover edition, fine book in fine dw, as new.

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Carpe Jugulum

Yet another story that I just couldn’t listing to. When she is bitten by the vampires, she confronts the wickedness inside her, for good. After all, life doesn’t have carpee set tone. It’s easy for me, when I’m not reading Pratchett at the moment, to remember how much silliness his books contain, but forget what great storytelling is in there too.

As such, we can see how this western praychett of only coming inside with an invitation has influenced our mythology, such as with vampires. I’d read it again just for the title. Jan 03, YouKneeK rated it really liked it Shelves: Part of what I love about this book is that it is the ultimate in comfort reading for me: As I suggested I’m not a huge fan of vampire novels, namely because they have been overused.

I would definetly listen to the sample first to see if you like it, but other than that, there were no problems juulum me.

They don’t understand what the problem is, although they start to have bizarre cravings for “hot, sweet strong tea and biscuits “, a combination that has them feeling quite upset it not being their usual craving for blood.

I can’t help but give it five stars. The writing and the dialogue are as sharp as ever; the characterisation of the witches is spot on; and the humour is just the right mix of wryly witty and really, really bad puns. I recommend it almost without reservation, the reservation being that it might not be great for you if you are offended by humor at the expense of fat people, short people, old people, stupid people, modernists, traditionalists, goths, lispers, lackeys, kings, queens, Picts, peasants, or priests.


To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: In ‘Carpe Jugulum’, vampires invade Lancre, and Granny Weatherwax spends a long time in a cave being serious. And Now this was unexpectedly one of my favorites of the whole Discworld so far!

Soul Music, however, is surprisingly good, albeit not great. It was likely to kill him, but he met the challenge with resolve, struggled on despite how difficult his debilitating disease must have made it, and continued his service to both the Discworld and our round world for as long as he could.

I was probably burned out with Pratchett when these books first came out, and also less understanding of how his style changed over time. Your readthrough has underlined this for me — as well as reminding me of how his writing evolved. To paraphrase a quote from Pratchett, “Inside every fat girl is a thin girl and a lot of chocolate. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Amusing to me anyway. Dickens, Austen, Vonnegut all appeal to the same part of my brain, but none of them puts me in such charity with humanity, although Christmas Carol comes a close second.

The Sharpe novels, for example, essentally have the same plot each time Sharpe is in a battle, he meets girl, he meets enermy, adventure, sex with girl, big battle, gets rewarded but are well loved because of the atmosphere they create. Some years later, his daughter Rihanna was involved in writing the excellent Tomb Raider reboot.

You had to choose. Agnes becomes a major character in this book and really develops her unique personalities.

Cut Out Witch – Carpe Jugulum | Pratchett Job

The writing and the dialogue are as sharp as ever; the characterisation of the witches is spot on; and the humour is just the right mix of wryly witty and really, really bad pun Pratchettt, another Pratchett. That attachment to a series, an author, or group of characters means you and I include myself in this can be that bit more demanding. He doesn’t like organised religion much, does he? Between injuries and work and winter this took me forever to listen to whilst training, no review could possibly be valid after such prathcett disjointed experience.


Pratchett satirizes vampire myth and legend in this Discworld novel. The three witches return to Lancre to take on the Count and his family without her, but because the Magpyr family have built up a tolerance for the normal methods of defeating a vampire, such as garlic, bright light, and religious symbols, this is not so easily done. Well, everyone except for Agnes Nitt’s. Fans of the Tiffany Aching sub-series will want to read this carrpe well to get a very early glimpse of the drinking, prathett and stealing tiny heroes.

Refresh and try again.

I love this next chunk of books. They are becoming susceptible to conventional methods of vampire disposal.

Carpe Jugulum (Discworld #23; Witches #6) by Terry Pratchett

Let me know if you are blogging the readthrough — drop me a link. An attempt at a short summary: Some interesting views, that I disagree with. Forty books by the same author since October does leave you with a desire for some variety! The plot is well constructed and tightly drawn.