Leading Lyme Physicians in Lyme Disease Conversations – Dr. Daniel Cameron speaking with Dr. Joseph Burrascano. Dr. Burrascano- Treatment Recommendations Dr. Joseph Burrascano, Jr. DIAGNOSTIC HINTS AND TREATMENT GUIDELINES FOR LYME AND OTHER . These guidelines for diagnosis and management of borreliosis (Lyme in turn to our mentors and teachers, principally ILADS and the Burrascano guidelines.

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Published reports and clinical experience have shown this regimen to be unacceptable, as nearly half of patients so treated have had to abandon treatment due to serious side effects, many of which were disabling.

However, this medication apparently has no effect on intact spirochetes. IFA, western blots, etc.

Sensitivity is still low, but specificity is high. Note the format — complaints referable to specific organ systems are clustered to better display multisystem involvement. Because it takes 48 to 72 hours of therapy to initiate bacterial killing, the Herxheimer reaction is therefore delayed. Current experience is that improvement is first seen in three weeks, and treatment continues for two to four months.

Burrwscano physician cannot rely on a laboratory test or clinical finding at the time of the bite to definitely rule in or rule out Lyme Disease infection, so must burrasdano clinical judgment as to whether to use antibiotic prophylaxis. Be aware that this repellent evaporates quickly and guldelines be reapplied frequently. Consult your physician prior to making any medical or health decisions.


A patient, when bitten by a known tick, clearly requests oral prophylaxis and understands the risks.

It is especially important to look for elevated protein and mononuclear cells, which would dictate the need for more aggressive therapy, as well as the opening pressure, which can be elevated and add to headaches, especially in children.

Thus, persistently positive titers guidelibes western blots suggest persistent infection. Combinations should utilize dissimilar antibiotics for antibiotic synergism, to better compensate for differing killing profiles and sites of action of the individual medications, and to cover the three known morphologic forms of Bb.

Avoid starchy vegetables burrasfano, rice, beans, etc.

More evidence has accumulated indicating the severe detrimental effects of immunosuppressants including steroids in the patient with active B. Some quotes from the literature: Extended IV therapy 10 or more weeksthen oral or IM, if effective, to same endpoint. These patients require a full evaluation for all of these problems, and each abnormality must be addressed.

Concurrent Lyme disease and Babesiosis. Relieve pain and muscle spasms utilizing multiple modalities as available and as indicated: Indeed, many knowledgeable clinicians will not even order a Borrelia test in this circumstance.

About Joseph Burrascano, MD

Retreatment is always possible. No breads, cereals, cake, etc. Mycelex troches and Nystatin liquid are not the best choice, for they burrascanl large amounts of simple sugars. It has been said that the longer one is ill with Lyme, the more neurotoxin is present in the body.

Dose ranges from 25 to 50 mg daily, based on weight.


The body will manufacture its own C0Q 10 when the original illness is controlled, but only if stimulated by aggressive exercise. Metronidazole Flagyl is commonly used in select patients with treatment resistant, chronic Lyme.


Early clinical trials aimed at removing these toxins have proven quite promising. The role of physical therapy here is to prepare the patient for the required, preferably guidslines, exercise program outlined below. The goal of physical therapy is to prepare the patient for the required, gym-based exercise program. Double blinded, placebo controlled studies, and in one case direct assay of biopsy specimens have proven the value of some of the supplements listed.

Maintenance antibiotic therapy is thus mandatory. A basic strategy to combat this is to eat a full container of sugar-free, non-fruit flavored yogurt that contains active cultures daily, and take acidophilus, two after each meal. It is a perfect candidate for pulse guideljnes to minimize these concerns. Other Lyme treatment guidelines of note are those developed by one of the most recognized pioneers in Lyme treatment, Dr.

You need to see at least the 41KD and one of the specific bands.

The creatine product should contain taurine, an amino acid needed to enhance creatine absorption, plus some carbohydrate to aid creatine entry into muscle.

Prescription medications may be necessary. Any trimester- test for Babesia and Ehrlichia.