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BITG Datasheet, BITG PDF – Free Datasheets

I have not done this way MPES From the participant monitor. UBA From the participant monitor. The output from the circuit did not turn off.

This blocks the protection of both driver channels. The protection was removed by connecting the LED to 18 pins on the ground. More options from other forums: The native condender for this pin is evaporated, in its place-a resistor. BIT deprotection of the SST 19 terminal with a white three-volt light-emitting diode on the ground. OZ Information provided by the participant Nlfjk: Or, you bitg choose to keep the product and agree the refund amount directly with the seller.


The backlight turned off, installed a 4. The LED does not light up. Connect the stabilizer LED from pin 12 to the ground, there also supply power from the 5 V source through the resistor – Ohm.

Bitg Order via Escrow Service. All information displayed is based on feedback received bitg this bitg over the past 6 months. DDA From the participant monitor. DDA, in my case, the protection was disconnected by the 6 pin of the IC on the case plazmoid monitor. KHA From the participant monitor.

(PDF) BIT3193 Datasheet download

From the participant monitor. For a long time I tried to do something on the reverse link, nothing happened. The lamps datashet in order tested on another inverter.

For any problems with the TV, you should contact a specialist. MPES 4pin per weight. To remove the protection, hang the LED on the 12th leg. SP From the participant monitor.

BD From the member monitor. MAP From the participant monitor. Remove the OBRP protection.


The BD has 17 pins. Place Order bitg Escrow Service. Protection does not work when removing the lamps.

Information was kindly provided by Rottor at the repair forum monitor. The return shipping fee will be paid by you. SEM Bit319g3 the participant monitor.

BIT3193 – High Performance PWM Controller DataSheet

OZGN 8pin after 10com to the ground. Place Order via Escrow Service. Information provided by the participant Captain: OZSN From the member monitor. By analogy with MP, only there is FT – 4th leg. Disabling protection in the OZ chip. SS – two types of 24 feet and 28 legs 24 feet 19 through the LED to the body 28 feet 23 through the LED to the body anode – the leg, the cathode – the body bonatelo.