Fact is a poor story-teller as Maugham reminds us. Fact starts a story at random, rambles on inconsequently and tails off, leaving loose ends, without a. Ashenden or: the British Agent [W. Somerset Maugham] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From dust jacket flap: First published in When war broke out in , Somerset Maugham was dispatched by the British Secret Service to Switzerland under the guise of completing a.

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He spoke as though she could not understand his French.

Ashenden – Book Review

Ashenden looked upon this as a signal to take himself off. Ashenden, longing for a cosy meal in his own room, in slippers and with a book leaned up against a reading-lamp, was about to refuse when it occurred to him that under maughak circumstances it might be discreet to show himself in the dining-room that night.

The Hairless Mexican opened his bag again and from a corner extracted a greasy pack of French cards. I have never loved anyone so much before or since. Somerset Maugham and the Quest for Freedom, asheneen. Nous arrivons ; they went to the side and withdrew a bar to allow passage for the gangway, and looking again Ashenden through the howling darkness saw mistily the lights of the quay. Although this world is the polar opposite of James Bond, the stakes are still high imprisonment or death a real possibilityand on a couple of memorable occasions he witnesses first hand the outcome of his work.

Mustapha Pasha was a huge fat fellow, of forty-five perhaps, with large mobile eyes and a big black moustache. He was concerned with the beginning or the end of it, perhaps, or with some incident in the middle, but what his own doings led to he had seldom a chance of discovering. There could be small doubt why two police officers were so bent upon seeing him. Of course he had his story ready, but he well knew that it was not a very convincing one, and though it might be impossible for the Swiss authorities to prove that he was anything but a casual traveller, he might nevertheless spend two or three days in jail, which would be uncomfortable, and then be firmly conducted to the frontier, which would be ashenren.


For her disappointment expressed itself quite plainly, tears came to her eyes and ran down her cheeks. It was hail now that blew in Ashenden’s face and the pavement was wet and slippery so that he had to walk with caution.

Ashenden by W. Somerset Maugham, from Project Gutenberg Canada

But he continued to trudge upstairs. Majgham game played now was contract, with which he was not very familiar, and the stakes were high; but the game was obviously but a pretext and Ashenden had no notion what other game was being played under the rose.

Heard on All Things Considered. Tapping phones, searching records, international intrigue — these acts are not new events unfolding with the NSA. Go to Mexico City and ask them what they know of Manuel Carmona and of his triumphs.

It’s a minor masterpiece. Ashenden, though cited as a work of fiction is almost Maugham’s memoirs of that period. I will not look at them. Ashenden accompanied him to the door and as he shook hands the doctor gave his prognosis in a pout of his bearded mouth.


It is funny, she knew the number of your room. Ashenden takes the train for Geneva to Berne to tell the diploatic offier there who decides to inform the Swiss authorities.

He walked on as though he had noticed nothing.

Ashenden: Or the British Agent – Wikipedia

There were other English people in the hotel. Ashenden suspects all of them of axhenden spies. He doesn’t pride himself on sleeping around like you might expect from a spy like James Bond.

He only just escaped a squint. View all 4 comments. The war was spoken of a good deal and the baroness and the Pasha expressed very anti-German sentiments.

In one word she was adorable. I who have flung away a thousand duros on a dinner have been forced to beg my bread like a blind Indian. They were Prince Ali and his secretary.

On the walls, covered with a dingy paper, were large steel engravings of the battles of Napoleon, and from the ceiling hung an enormous chandelier once used for gas, but now fitted with electric bulbs.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It’s a sum I have to pay, and I’ve got to have it. Ashenden heard his bedroom-door open and getting out of the bath flung a towel round him and went in.