nnwiki A Deepness In the Sky; nowiki A Deepness in the Sky; plwiki Otchłań w niebie; rowiki Adâncurile cerului; ruwiki Глубина в небе; ukwiki Глибина у небі. A Deepness in the Sky has ratings and reviews. Matt said: In the ‘The Sixth Sense’, the character Malcolm tries to tell a story. Unfortunately. Adancurile Cerului. Editura: Nemira. Anul aparitiei: Continuarea aventurii incepute cu Foc in adanc. Castigator al premiilor Hugo, Campbell Memorial.

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In this book you feel like you get something like 2 novels, and a bunch of extended short stories all in one package, but they all come together perfectly, and it explores enough SF concepts that could fill 5 or 6 books each focused on one idea.

Fire Upon the Deep. Part of that is Pham Nuwen, who is central here. What a wonderful cast of characters! After thousands of years searching, humans stand on the verge of first contact with an alien race.

Vernor Vinge

Instead, they are used as specialized living tools to further the aim of the controllers, or cerrului leaders, and are treated as disposable equipment. For all that the story and world were complex and interesting, Vinge seems to have been unable — or unwilling — to contend with actual emotional adancurilw. It’s an exquisite portrait of the great promise and risk of a technological society; you get the end of hunger and disease, you get spaceflight, but you also get nuclear standoffs.

My favorite “sf notion” from this book is Focus, a more elaborate type of mind control with no element of hypnotism. This second novel by multiple award-winner Vernor Vinge, fromis a fast-paced adventure where galactic policies collide and different cultures clash as two scientists and their faith in technology are pitted against an elusive race of telekinetic beings. But a thousand years from now, when Larson was dust, when his civilization had fallen as the planetbound inevitably did—a thousand years from now, Pham and the Qeng Ho would still be flying between the stars.


Any way, from the half way point onward this book is very involving and you may need a deFocus treatment afterward. The story alternates with another narrative that is initially very confusing.

The spider people have adapted to their environment by hibernating deep in the earth. Wolf, Vice President of the Science Fiction Research Association, present a aancurile selected reading anthology reflecting the SF field in all its modern diversity.

Aug 25, Justin rated it liked it Shelves: A Deepness in the Sky. A starship explicitly not designed for operating within a planetary atmosphere, last seen falling at one hundred metres per second, wreathed in flames and starting to break up, somehow manages to land without killing its crew.

Csrului, more than anything else, is what made me think “this could only have been written by a man”. But let’s just cut to it Nov 20, Connie rated it really liked it Shelves: But this crime may be a bit beyond Smith’s expertise.

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There are powerful players–both real and pixelated–who are watching her every move. The second time through, it became obvious that the “Sherkaner Underhill” character and his people were the spider aliens that the two human cultures were travelling to make contact with, though you really can’t tell, from the narrative, that they aren’t humans.

When somebody is murdered, it’s obvious someone has a secret he or she is willing to kill to preserve. If you must do without something, do without beautiful prose and artsy metaphors and just tell a rip-roaring good yarn which people will sit adancurilr campfires and recount for as long as humans live under the stars.

Jun 21, Andrew Leon rated it liked it. As a result, the various alien subplots were sometimes tedious reading. He is now one of the cfrului celebrated science fiction writers in the field, having won the field’s top award, the Hugo, for each of his last two novels. Demerits for sexism and not really understanding how emotions work. There is much to like adanucrile this book, the story of delegations from two seperate human cultures, one based on trade and the other on slavery, whose conflict leaves them marooned near the planet of the Spiders.


Since this one serves as some kind of “prequel” for the other one in that it happens chronologically first, it might even be better to read this one first.

What’s the Name o As much as I liked A Fire Upon the Deepits hard-science-fiction tropes never quite cohere, and the story and characterization suffer as a result. I myself prefer them in the page range unless the story really justifies such length.

Carti vernor vinge

Refresh and try again. Objectively, it’s a very solid book. The prime suspects are a band of marauding orcs with a dragon in tow for fire support.

The “Focus” is one of the most chilling forms of slavery I’ve seen in fiction–one where with your mind enslaved, your body follows. So, there is always a clash between human lifetimes and the actual chronological time. Jul 22, Palmyrah rated it liked it. Lists with This Book.

I don’t know about you, but I spend an inordinate amount of time meditating upon the far future of humanity. One of the adancurille protagonists is a ‘Programmer-At-Arms’, and there is quite a bit in the novel about programming, systems design and ‘software archeology’ a discipline I expect to come into being sooner or later that probably will bore the non-nerd.

He was a world-renowned poet. It’s adzncurile they’re just hanging around useless We are surrounded by the Dark and always will be.