This ABIT’s top board based on the iP chipset is a bright example of an image product the release of which was preceded the intensive advertizing campaign. Find great deals for ABIT IC7-MAX3, Socket , Intel Motherboard. Shop with confidence on eBay!. ABIT IC7 MAX3 – Taking Canterwood to the MAX. AMD Athlon 64 has taken most of the spotlight over the past month but we shouldn’t forget.

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The system consists of small heatsinks on vulnerable capacitors and a plastic tunnel with a small fan in the end. That the IS7 can take the lead with a marginal like that is amazing.

There are also voltage regulators of the AGP bus 2x ic7–max3 and several less capacious ones and of the memory 2x uF. One area of good design is in the cable routing. The memory timings are freely adjustable between and are set to More than enough or what do you say?

If the integrated features are insufficient, you always have five PCI slots to fill up.

ABIT IC7-MAX3, Socket , Intel Motherboard | eBay

Settings are inputted in a pre-OS bootup screen. It seems like a good idea on principle, and the plastic surround has the requisite screws to secure it in to a case. It’s not easy to reach connectors placed along the left side, the audio-ins are placed in front of the PCI slots.

Two seconds faster than the second and a whopping five seconds faster than the IS7-G. The ‘sinks were hot to the touch, suggesting that ic7-,ax3 MOSFETs were really kicking out some serious finger-scorching heat. Ic7-ma3x in my eyes, it is far too similar to its predecessor IC7-G. The purpose of this is among other things to separate the MAX board from the crowd and give it a feeling of exclusiveness.


This time, it is no longer by the edge but a bit further in on the PCB. This makes it possible to connect up abti six S-ATA harddrives. If anyone really wants access to my documents, I guess they can pass the bit encryption. Best Selling in Motherboards See all.

Especially as a reviewer want to be able to change memory modules without having to take out the graphics card and this is an impossibility with this card; at least if you use a newer high-end cards.

That’s the OTES cooling system iv7-max3 new on this model, folks. High frequency running generates heat; lots of it. As usual, you can configure everything you might need in the race for additional gigahertz here. By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy. Shortly, not ordinary people, but that is also some of the charm of the MAX boards.

Furthermore, this is also a so called “smart fan” which means that the RPM of the fan is adjusted by generation of heat from hot components. While overclocked, the MAX3 impress us heavily. Secure IDE is actually a pretty useless feature in my humble opinion. IC7-MAX3 is not a reasonable mainboard, and will also not find any reasonable buyers. See details for description of any imperfections.

No wasted space for components that didn’t get included in the final design. That’s an awful lot of potential bandwidth riding on the PCI bus. Also, you abih find it difficult to reach some jumpers when the board is already installed. Healthy for your ears is the catchphrase. The IS7 takes the lead with fps.


ABIT IC7 MAX3 – Taking Canterwood to the MAX

That is, if your wallet is a bit too thick. That gives the PC a cleaner look and keeps cabling out of the way of fans’ airflow. Later on, it is actually quite nice that they are next to each other and not behind each other as they normally are seated.

The fan is what makes the OTES system tick, and it’s not particularly annoying, either. A little further down is where the real SATA fun starts. Surely, it gets a little tight in some places which mostly depends on the OTES cooling taking up much space, but the ic7-max33 never feels difficult to work with. This ABIT’s top board qbit on the iP chipset is a bright example of an image product the release of which was preceded the intensive advertizing campaign. The space between it and bait P4 retention bracket is a little limited but shouldn’t cause too many problems with CPU coolers of a reasonable ic7-max33.

The specific orientation of the IDE slots see the picture is not always convenient The sound is as usual an AC97 codec-based one and provides six channels if you want.