Last week I have discussed the GM 8AT and the ZF 9AT, today lets take a look at the Aisin AA80E, which is used in the Lexus IS, GS The engine is run on a MegaSquirt-2 controller and the transmission is is the Aisin AA80E used in Toyota Landcruisers and Lexus sedans. Home · catalogue · AA80E Transmission Catalogue. AA80E Transmission Catalogue. PDF Download download the PDF to open links in the document.

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Leave a reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. However V8 versions have slight internal upgrades to handle the increased torque LS? Another plus is the computer is mounted externally so transmissio external wires going to the transmission figure 5 allows for checking speed sensor signals and solenoid commands.

trasnmission Mechanical throttle control input for kick-down function. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. To check availability on a discussed transmission family, give ETE a call directly at Benefiting shop owners and managers, this e-newsletter provides the latest news and analysis, technical automotive service information and business management tips.


A rebuilt transmission will not include this feature. The SLT is a line pressure control solenoid. My order came two days earlier then expected.

8-Speed Automatic AA80E Transmission Assembly RWD LS – Pacific Motors

Ask us anything, and provide as much information as you have. Transmission pan and drain plug removal From a diagnostic stand point to have all these taps available is terrific. This transmission model is not electronically controlled.

The seller worked with me in price and shipped the spoiler at no charge. This location will give you the maximum cooling benefit. Luis Antonio Ortiz Cottman launches Transmission Physician for drivers. An extra note on the Neutral Control, most other manufacturers partially disengage 1 clutch for a neutral control operation.

You also want to be sure to install the cooler in between the line coming out of the factory radiator and the line returning to the transmission. Connects to external oil cooler. If checking this switch while in operation connector plugged in and you are back probing wire 17there will be less than 1 volt on this wire in 1st through 5th gears and will read near 12 volts in 6th, 7th and 8th. Four speed automatic with lockup torque converter, electronic controls and viscous coupling center differential.


Learn to tackle tough transmission issues. Same gear ratios as the AA80E but a shorter 3. There are different types of them, the one we are interested in is called the Ravingeaux gear transmixsionwhich has two sun gears, two planet carriers and they share one common trwnsmission gear.

Log in to Reply. VIN of Donor Vehicle: Lock-up Timing Control and Flex Lock-up control in previous transmission are features also used in this 8 speed transmission.

The World’s First 8 Speed Automatic Transmission

I am very pleased with this company. Product arrived on time and was more or less as described. Final drive ratio is 2. This article does not cite any sources. This transmission utilizes the same strategy. We promise we won’t spam you!

I highly recommend this company as they seem to have a different approach to the auto parts industry in which the customer comes first.